About the project

The IGMASS geoportal was developed to provide the results of space and ground monitoring of natural and man-made emergencies in Kazakhstan. It allows to monitor the state of potentially dangerous processes in real time, quickly identify abnormal geodynamic manifestations, fires, flooded zones, oil spills and monitor the dynamics of their development in order to develop recommendations for their prevention.

The geoportal was created within the framework of the program “Development of a multipurpose aerospace predictive monitoring system (IGMASS), as well as the creation on its basis of services for the integrated presentation of information on warning of natural and man-made emergencies in conjunction with semantic and geospatial data.” The state registration number of the program is 0118RK00527.

The main topics of the monitoring:

  • Space monitoring of forest and steppe wildfires for prompt detection of fire centers, assessment of the risk of fires based on current remote sensing data, general analysis and mapping of areas with a high degree of fire risk.
  • Display of intense movements of the earth’s crust using GPS monitoring in seismically active regions of Kazakhstan in order to detect precursors of dangerous geodynamic processes and seismic phenomena for subsequent prompt warning and prevention.
  • Space monitoring of oil pollution in the Caspian Sea to detect emergencies at oil and gas facilities and to promptly detect oil spills in the Caspian Sea.
  • Space monitoring of floods and floods to assess the degree of flooding risk based on current remote sensing data and the construction of maps of flood risk zones for the territory of Kazakhstan.